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Be a part of Tech Bridge

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We offer rewarding careers if you are a technology lover, creative bug, difference-maker or an innovator. We, at Tech Bridge love people who are unique yet like us endeavoring to refine the Digital experience. We would love to hear from you so drop us a resume if you think you fit in any of the roles.


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We welcome you on the platform of Tech Bridge; here you will be offering the services of very creative and innovative application designers, website designers, who can design the websites to any specific industry. They work out through proper research in the designing phase like website application development and software development techniques.

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Tech Bridge offers a wide range of IT services from WordPress based web solutions to Custom oriented flows. We have focused to ensure the Quality Solutions for Our Customers being cost efficient.

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Our company is looking for an energetic, detail-oriented person to be work on latest programming technologies in a dynamic working environment.


The required candidate have to fulfill following responsibilities:

– Develop custom WordPress websites
– Develop Ecommerce websites using WooCommerce
– Managing existing WordPress/WooCommerce websites and add new features
– Work collaboratively with other team members.

Required knowledge:
– Excellent knowledge WordPress and PHP.
– Strong understanding of various WordPress Plugins.
– Experience with MySQL is mandatory.
– Deep understanding and practical knowledge of front-end technologies.
– Experience in writing simple and elegant code
– Excellent communication skills (Verbal / Written English)

Required Skills:
PHP, MySQL, WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap.

*** Please send your CVs at [] with a subject “CV for PHP / WP Developer” ***

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Want to join us?

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If you’re a successful professional who’s looking for a more sensible commute with Tech Bridge, we would like to hear from you. Please take a look at our list of current openings and apply to the ones that interest you and match your expertise. If you don’t see a match, you are still welcome to send your resume to as we actively search our CV bank for new job opportunities.

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