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Why You Need Responsive Web Design

By October 13, 2016 No Comments

You have probably heard about Responsive Web Design before, but if you are not familiar with what it entails, then let’s go over what it is exactly. Responsive Web Design is a strategy used to ensure that your website gives perfect visibility whether a visitor is on a desktop computer or using a mobile browser. The goal here is to have one website for your business, and to have that website adapt to whatever device your customers are using. With Responsive Web Design, your website is a one size fits all.


Why You Need Responsive Web Design


Why Do You Need Responsive Design?


Increase Your Reach to Tablet and Mobile Users – It’s obvious that mobile usage is on a steady growth. Google recently reported a 400% increase in searches with mobile devices.  More importantly, 1 out of every 3 searches is local. This trend is set to grow so much that it is predicted that mobile internet will actually take over desktop internet usage by 2014. Businesses that have already utilized responsive technology are experiencing up to 40% of their traffic coming from tablet and mobile devices. By having one website that can be implemented across multiple devices, you are providing a better experience within the smaller windows of time your customers have to view your website.


Why You Need Responsive Web Design


Increase Sales and Conversion Rates – Sales from mobile phones and tablets have experienced dramatic growth, and there is no sign of it slowing down. With an 81% increase, mobile-commerce sales closed in on $25 billion dollars last year. Not only does a responsive design attract sales, but it is also proven to influence higher conversion rates. Recent surveys have shown that users are more likely to make a purchase at a store if that business has a website that functions well on their mobile device. Consumers love familiarity. By using responsive web design, you can create a consistent, enjoyable user experience that drastically improves conversion rates and sales.


Increase Your Visibility in Search Engines- Having a successful website is all about being found. Multiple SEO campaigns can be expensive, but when you focus all of your effort on a single domain, you gain higher traffic and a cheaper SEO budget. With Responsive Web Design, you use fewer resources, and more importantly, less time spent duplicating your content, images and products. Google has even suggested that mobile optimized, responsive designed websites are being featured more in localized search results from mobile devices.